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The Grantham Lions club have donated a laptop to the North & South Kesteven Early Help Team.

The request came in for a laptop to help support a young carer who has a role of care and emotional support for her younger brother with additional needs, and her mother who struggles with her mental health.

The Lions club are delighted to have been able to help in supplying a laptop so this young carer can continue with her education and achieve their goals.

The Laptop was kindly donated by Lion Phil Marshall and his company Fengrain Limited

The laptop was presented to Karen Brown an early help worker for North & South Kesteven early help team, Karen said: “I am delighted to receive the donation of a laptop for the Grantham Lions Club on behalf of a young carer I am working with.

“This will enable her to continue with studies towards A levels and enable her to balance her valuable caring role whilst continuing to remain in education.

“I would like to say a grateful thank you to the lions for their continued support for young carers in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

“The vision of Lincolnshire county council is that every young carer is recognised, valued and supported to have a good health and wellbeing, and achieve their full potential.”

The service can be contacted on 01522 553275 or e-mail

For more information about the Grantham Lions Club and how to get involved please visit our website: or find us on Facebook:


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miaw-e1443122816907 Lions Club Grantham Message in your Wallet outlets in Grantham

Boots Phamacy, High St.

Boots Pharmacy, St. Peter’s Hill.

Boots Pharmacy, London Rd.,

St. Peter’s Hill Doctor’s Surgery.

Harrowby Lane Doctor’s Surgery.

Well Pharmacy, Hornsby Rd.,

Swingbridge Rd. Doctor’s Surgery.

Hope Drop-in Centre, Hornsby Rd., Earlsfield Estate.

Vine St. Doctor’s Surgery.

Lloyds Pharmacy, High St.,

Co-op Pharmacy, Winchester Rd.,

Superdrug, Morrison Shopping Centre.

Sycamore Mental Health Centre, Beacon Lane, Grantham.

‘Message in your Wallet’ can be picked up free of charge from all the listed outlets.

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Dates for your diary 2017

March 24th & 25th – collection at ASDA Granthammarie


Look out for our great big Easter Egg Hunt 2017



The Grantham Lions will be pushing the bed around town in May 2107macmillan________________________________________

Come visit us at Dysart Park Family Fun Day



More Information to follow



Be Part of something special….

Some exciting plans for the year ahead.. Why not be part of something great in your town


Grantham Lions Club proud to serve the local community

What does it take to be a LION?





Want to help your local community?

The Grantham Lions club are looking for new members to help make a difference in the local community.

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Have you got some spare time and the willing to make a difference to others in the local community?

Why not speak with the Grantham Lions Club today.

Help us make the difference tomorrow !

So who are the Grantham Lions?


 The Grantham Lions Club helps the local community in a number of ways with every penny collected going directly to good causes.  

Not a single penny is spent on administration as Lions club running costs are funded by members. Just ask any Lions member how we make every penny count.

Your money makes a real difference.

 From fun-filled community activities to running fund-raising events, Grantham Lions Club are always busy at the heart of our local community. We raise money in hundreds of creative and traditional ways to make a real difference to the lives of ordinary people who need our help.

Local needs: donate – serve – volunteer.

 Being a member of the Grantham Lions Club is about meeting local needs. Working closely with the local community across the world, Lions Clubs make financial donations to help local individuals, groups and good causes.

Grantham Lions Club serve local needs in a flexible way by responding promptly and doing good deeds, large or small. As volunteers, global members of Lions Clubs make things happen in local communities across the planet that would not otherwise take place.

We need your support.

We hope to increase the profile of the Grantham Lions Club further to help us raise even more and gain greater awareness of the events, charities and local good causes we support but need your help in spreading the word. Please ‘like’ and ‘follow us’ on our social media pages, Facebook  & Twitter  This will help us share the events we run and show you, the community, just how the Grantham Lions Club have been using your donations to make a real difference.

Looking to become a Lion?

Grantham Lions Club are always looking to gain members who are willing to spare their time to help make a positive difference within the local community.

 Where’s there’s a need there’s a Lion.

Grantham Lions Club

Charity Number 1008148 


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