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Will your Business or school be part of the Centurion Cub?

100 business or schools needed to help us raise £10,000.  That’s only £100 but would make a huge difference to the local communityCenturion club logo part 3So what’s the catch?

We are looking for you to be a part of 100 local organisations to make the pledge to each raise £100 before the end of 2017.

Think you have what it takes to be in our Centurion Club?

Why not speak to Katie, Alastair or Ian and find out what difference you can make?




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Santa on tour – 21st December

Grantham! It’s the last night of Santa’s tour tonight, pounding the soggy wet streets supporting the Grantham Lions Christmas Appeal. Tonight it’s the turn of the roads around and including Arnold Avenue, Cliffe Road, Webster Way, Cotswold Drive, Grampian Way, Pretoria Road and probably a few more to boot!
Come and give Santa a wave and if you miss him and want to contribute, you can do so here. Thanks very much and have a very Merry Christmas!

Santa on tour – 20th December

With the end of Santa’s tour now in sight, we embark on another evening working the streets of Grantham. Tonight Santa will be in the Barrowby Gate area which includes Gloucester Road, Manchester Way, Gloucester Road, York Way, Durham Close, Barrowby Gate, Valley Road and Heathfield Road. We’ll probably find ourselves down a few others as well!
Again, if you miss us and would like to donate to the Lions’ appeal, please go here…

Santa on tour – 19th December

Well done to all those who came out to give us a wave around Winchester Road last night – very wet indeed!
Tonight Santa will visit the streets around Sunningdale including St. Pierre Avenue, St. Mellion Drive and Ganton Way. Hope to see you there!
If you can’t make it or missed us previously, you can still donate to the Grantham Lions Christmas appeal here. Thanks!

Santa on tour – 18th December

Well, hello Grantham! Tonight Santa will be helping Grantham Lions with our annual fund raising appeal working around Winchester Road, Chichester Close, Chelmsford Drive, Lincoln Close, Carlisle Close, Barrowby Gate and Worcester Road. Hope to see you there!
If you do happen to miss us, you can still donate here
Thanks for all your support so far and Merry Christmas to you all!

Santa on tour – 17th December

Another week, another schedule!
Tonight Santa and the Grantham Lions will be visiting the areas off Dysart road, which include Neals Crescent, Dexter Avenue, Wroxhall Drive and High Meadow – and probably one or two more!
Come and give Santa a wave and, if you do miss him, you can still contribute to the Lions’ Christmas appeal here. Thanks to all those who have helped us raise over £2,500 already!

Santa on tour – 14th December

Good morning Grantham! It’s a static day today as Grantham Lions will be helping Santa meet and greet outside Asda this afternoon from 4.30pm finishing around 6.30pm. Come and say ‘Hi!’…

Santa on tour – 14th December

Another day, another evening out! Tonight Santa is out with Grantham Lions again, this time touring around the western part of town. Tonight Santa can be seen along Lindisfarne Way, Balmoral Drive, Monmouth Way, Alnwick Way, Knaresborough Drive and Newark View. Again, if you miss us or can’t make it out tonight, please donate here. Thanks again. Merry Christmas!

Santa on tour – 13th December

Out we go again! Tonight Santa and Grantham Lions are touring around the Sunningdale area covering St. Andrews, The Belfry, Berkshire Drive and other roads in the area. It’s been great fun so far. We’ve met some lovely people who have donated generously to our appeal. If you aren’t able to give us a wave at all this year, you can contribute using our ‘My Donate’ page. Let’s make this year a really good one! Thank you all…

Santa on tour continues – 12th December

Hello good people of Grantham! Santa is back out tonight, working with Grantham Lions, touring around the Alma Park area of town. This will take in Ruston Road, Second Avenue, Kenilworth Road, Fifth Avenue and Alma Park Road. Thank you for all you generous donations so far which will go to local good causes throughout next year…

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